• What is PortugalKaraoke?

    PortugalKaraoke produces and offers, with professional quality, mp3 backing tracks and Video Karaoke of Portuguese music, Brazilian, African and Latin. More information HERE

  • What kind of product and authorization will I receive?

    Each Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Track is produced with the best quality, by professional musicians, in a studio equipped with the latest music technology. You also receive a legality certificate as proof that, by purchasing any product from the site, you are paying royalties to the respective authors.

  • What I need to browse the PortugalKaraoke website?

    PortugalKaraoke.com web site is structured in a way that does not require any additional software or hardware. Is 100% optimized for Smartphones and computers.

  • I have discounts when I get your products?

    Yes, from 5 € on shopping starts to have quantity discounts. know more HERE

  • How do I download Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    After finishing your purchase and make payment (Paypal or Credit card), receives immediately the download links. When you click the link, you will be asked if you want to "open" or "Save". Should choose "Save", and then choose a place where he will be safe. The products stay also in your client Panel, in the downloads area. You can go back to download at any time.

    Where to find the download links:
    -Login with your email and password
    -After logging in, click "my account"
    -Click on the "Downloads".

  • How long does it take to download a Video Karaoke or a Mp3?

    It takes only the time required for the process of payment (by Visa or Paypal) and download time. Usually 1 to 2 minutes.

Video Karaoke

  • What is a Video Karaoke?

    A Video Karaoke is a Mp4 file that contains the Backing Track and also contains the Video, which is synchronized lyrics.

  • What format are the Video Karaoke? 

    The most common format, better quality and compatible with all computers and operating systems is the .Mp4 format. Thus, all our Video Karaoke are in Mp4 format, ready to read on any computer and any operating system.

  • How can I test the quality of your Video Karaoke?

    All Video Karaoke have demo. You can listen to 30 seconds of each theme. 

    We provide also 4 complete Video karaoke in the category: Free Video Karaoke. 

  • Some Video karaokes are not in my tone of voice. Is it possible to transpose them? 

    Yes, now you have the option of change key of Video Karaoke to your tone. You can make this change of tone, before buying Video Karaoke or after buying it, in the downloads area.

    Important: Transposition is done digitally. Although the process is done by professional software, the audio quality will decrease as the key moves away from the original key.

  • How long does it take to download a Video Karaoke? 

    The time required to download depends on your internet connection. If we consider a connection to broadband Internet access, a Video Karaoke takes 1 minutes to download.

  • How do the authorities control the products have acquired in Portugalkaraoke.com? 

    For every order placed on Portugalkaraoke.com, the customer receives a certificate of legality. This certificate must always accompany the content at the time of display. You can optionally in your Portugalkaraoke.com account, download a global certificate for all products bought to date. A copy of this certificate shall be issued to the authorities at the time of inspection.

    Is important to read the following information about Legality certificates that must accompany the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks:

    Legatity Certificate - information for performances in Portugal.
    Legatity Certificate - information for performances out of Portugal

Mp3 Backing Tracks
  • What are Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    Are Backing Tracks / Playbacks based on original versions of the songs, but without the lead vocals. Are used by artists and musicians to serve as musical support to your voice or instrument.

  • What do I get when I buy a Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    Receives the Backing Tracks with professional quality and optionally also the lyrics with chords in pdf format to print.
    The quality is very similar to the original song. Of course some nuances or original song tones may not be reproduced in full because it is impossible, but we do our best to stay as close as the original.
    The sound quality is guaranteed by compression to 192 Kbps stereo in Mp3 format.

  • What are the devices that can read the Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    How are normal Mp3, any Mp3 player, CD player, computer, laptop, etc., can read perfectly our Backing Tracks.

  • Your Backing Tracks are produced from Midi files?

    No. Some midi bases are used, but not directly, passing first by professional quality samples and music software.

  • Tracks are recorded with real instruments?

    Yes, many tracks are written with real instruments, such as guitars, drums, accordions, percurssion, etc., giving a Pro quality to the Master Backing Tracks.

  • I just need one or two separate tracks written in the Backing Tracks. Do you make this?

    We can customize any Backing Tracks. Contact us in this regard.

  • I need an Backing Tracks in a different key. Can you help me?

    You can optionally change the key for until + 4 semitones or -4 semitones

  • Do you produce custom Backing Tracks?

    Yes, we produces any Backing Tracks. Contact us in this regard.


Custom changes

  • I would like to customize a Video Karaoke, Backing Track or Mp3. Do you make this work?

    Yes, we offers a customization service for your Video Karaoke and mp3 Backing Tracks.
    Is an additional job performed by our producers to customized according to your personal taste.

    For us the changes you want, please contact us by this form.


Production of Original songs

  • I would like to write an original song. Do this kind of work?

    Yes, we produce original songs/lyrics and arrangements. The artist/group only needs to record the voices.

  • What original Mp3 Backing Tracks produce?

    Produce from Portuguese pop music, passing by the kizomba, dance, pop rock, etc.

  • Why choose for your company?

    PortugalKaraoke.com combines the quality and creativity of our song writers with the ability to promote your work after being edited. After produce your original song , we also produce your Backing Track and Video Karaoke being then promoted by our customers in shows and also in all karaoke bars in the country and Portuguese communities around the world. We have the largest platform for the promotion of artists and can take advantage of this platform.

  • I have some original songs. Do you make the orchestrations so that they are ready to record in Studio?

    Yes, we just need the melody and the lyrics. From there we will make the full Backing Tracks production studio-quality, ready to put your voice and make the final master.

  • What's the minimum of songs that I have to do for work?

    Currently there is no justification to start do many original songs. 1 or 2 are enough to put on the radio, youtube, facebook, etc., and thus promote the better the work. The important is the final quality.

  • How can I listen to the quality of your originals?

    We have some demos to show you. Contact us in this regard.

Legality Certificates

  • What are Legality certificates and what is your purpose?

    Learn all the information HERE.

Payment methods
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Know everything in this LINK

Privacy policy
  • What is your privacy policy and data treatment?

    The technology for processing of data on this site is extremely secure. You can read more about privacy HERE, where explains how we treat your information.

Restrictions on the use and usage of Video Karaoke, Backing Tracks and Mp3 Backing Tracks.
  • What is not allowed?

    When you buy a Video Karaoke, a Backing Track or other product in PortugalKaraoke.com is just to buy the license for the show legally in their shows or in private. This license does not grant the right to property of the files so the can: give, swap, share, distribute, lend or sell.

    Is also prohibited:
    -Use the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks, to create any audio or Video products.
    -Use the Video Karaoke in whole or in part, as a source for samplers or sound modules, aiming the production of any other audio or video format, including Karaoke type products.
    -Use the Video Karaoke, Backing Tracks or Mp3 Backing Tracks for placing on the net, including Youtube channels. 
    -Use the sound recording of the material to be used, in full or in part, in any medium of visual presentation, including CDGs, DVDs, BD's, TV Programs, etc.
    -Modify or delete copyright within the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks.

    -It is strictly prohibited to share or make available on social networks, (notably in profiles and Facebook Groups) Video Karaoke, Mp3 Backing Tracks or any other product purchased at PortugalKaraoke.com and belonging to the KARAOKEPT, musical editions Ltd.

    Piracy: due to increased piracy, all Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Tracks are embedded within the data of the person who has acquired, data which cannot be seen or removed without destroying the file. Any Video Karaoke or Backing Track found on the net (social networks, sharing sites, etc.) will lead the authorities to the original buyer.

    The KARAOKEPT will make every effort to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice and compensate the company for the serious damage that has had with this type of criminal practices.

  • How can I get access to your product catalog?

    You just need to log into your account. On the left side will show up "complete catalog" Click there and you will have up-to-date listings of the various products.

  • What is the periodicity of update with new songs?

    We monthly produces about of 10 to 15 new Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Tracks.


Your songs in our catalog

  • Would you like to have your original songs on PortugalKaraoke?

    PortugalKaraoke.com is one of the best platforms for artists and groups promotion.

    Our customers are all professional musicians working in the most diverse places, these places are ideal for their songs become known to the general public.

    Would you like to have your original songs in the PortugalKaraoke catalog? We will be happy to help you reach further. Contact us in this regard.


  • I forgot my password. How to get it back?
    You can reset your password HERE
  • I was download a Video Karaoke or Mp3 and it was stopped. What do I do?

    Don't worry, the download links are always available in your client account:
    -Login with your email and password
    -After logging in, click "my account"
    -Click on the "Downloads".

    Have available the downloads of all your purchases.

  • I would like to change my email since the former no longer use it. Is it possible?

    Yes, you can change your email. Log in with your old email and after login, within the your account choose "Change email"

  • I'm having some trouble understanding the structure of the site. What to do?

    PortugalKaraoke.com have a client manager who will help you take all your questions. Contact them directly by this contact form