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Accepting buy products in PortugalKaraoke.com, must accept fully with all terms of sale, without any reservation. If you are at odds with some of these articles, we ask you not to use this site or make any purchase. It is advisable to periodically read these conditions, they may be modified at any time, both terms as services. Always prevail, however, the conditions in force at the date of order completion. If you continue browsing this site means that you accept automatically these terms and conditions.

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Intelectual property:
Use of this site does not give you any right, than those of the presente.

The applied currency is the Euro and the prices applied are those in force on the page, to the order of closure. Rates shown detailed in each product already have VAT included at the current rate. PortugalKaraoke.com reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, alterations deemed appropriate and can update products and prices depending on the news.


The PortugalKaraoke.com created this Online Privacy Policy so you know the care with which we intend to treat their personal datas. "Personal data" means any information given to identification of an individual, including, among others, the first and last name, address or other physical address, email address or other contact information, whether at the workplace or from House. In general, you can visit the web pages of PortugalKaraoke.com without revealing who you are and without providing any personal information.

If you choose to provide us with your personal data over the Web, the PortugalKaraoke.com shall be entitled to transfer them only inside the company and among its employees. The PortugalKaraoke.com makes every effort to comply with all applicable laws to protect your privacy.

In all places where a user's personal data can be maintained by PortugalKaraoke.com or on behalf of, the PortugalKaraoke.com intends to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect such data in order to prevent unauthorized access to the same as well as their disclosure.

To the extent that a user chooses to provide the PortugalKaraoke.com personal data, the company plans to keep them up to date. Where the PortugalKaraoke.com collects data on the Web, there is a purpose to provide a means for the user to contact the PortugalKaraoke.com if you want to update or correct information previously provided. If, for some reason, such means are not available or accessible, any upgrades and personal data corrections can be communicated via this FORM. The PortugalKaraoke.com will make every effort to incorporate those changes as soon as possible.

The PortugalKaraoke.com is not structured so as to attract children. Thus, PortugalKaraoke.com does not intend to collect personal data of any user that PortugalKaraoke.com know to be under 13 years old.

The PortugalKaraoke.com is very committed to respect the privacy of users and actively participates in the current initiatives of the IT sector to protect individual rights to privacy on the Internet. The protection of online privacy is an issue constantly changing and the PortugalKaraoke.com website is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of users in this respect.

If you need more information or have comments about the Online Privacy Policy, please contact - us by this Form. UNABLE TO ENSURE PERFECTION IN PRIVACY ISSUES, but we will give proper treatment to any matter or issue ASAP.

Your use of this Website presupposes the consent of the terms and provisions of the Online Privacy Policy, and the fact that the PortugalKaraoke.com to process your personal data for the purposes described above. If you change the Online Privacy Policy, PortugalKaraoke.com intends to take all steps that were reasonable to ensure that these changes are brought to your attention by posting the nature of them prominently on the website for a period of reasonable time.


This is a legal agreement between you and KARAOKEPT, Musical Editions Lda. By purchasing products in PortugalKaraoke.com site, you agree to the terms of this agreement..

1 - GRANT OF LICENSE: This contract authorization allows you to use one copy thereof (Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks) on a computer or any type of equipment that you can use these files.

2 - COPYRIGHT: This license is not a legal transfer of copyright or related rights. All copyrights associated with the material and the documentation, they files with extension .mp4 .mp3 and lyrics .pdf, remain sole property of KARAOKEPT. International law of copyright protects all Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Tracks available on the site. You can and should make a copy of the material only as support or for archival purposes security.

3 - USE: The Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks can be used and adapted for your personal use. This includes the right of using them as support for live performances.

4 - LEGAL CERTIFICATE: Any musical base, Video Karaoke, Mp3 Backing Tracks, etc, lacks necessarily a legality certificate issued by the producing company. Only this certificate makes cool musical bases used in shows.
An inspection, the authorities will request this certificate, which must include all the titles of Video Karaoke / Mp3 Backing Tracks, used in the show.
The KARAOKEPT sure all your Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Tracks, through its Legal Certificate of each order. The customer may also, at any time, download the updated Certificate of Lawfulness, with all products purchased to date by entering your login data in PortugalKaraoke.com.

How to download your updated Legal Certificate?
-Make Log in PortugalKaraoke.com
-Click in "Legal" link.
-Make Download the certificate and print it, taking it always for performances.

5 - RESTRICTIONS: When you buy a Video Karaoke, Mp3 Backing Tracks, or another product in PortugalKaraoke.com is just to buy the license to legally display in private. This license does not grant you the right to ownership of the files that can not: give, exchange, share, distribute, lend or seller.

To exhibit karaoke in public spaces, you must obtain from the entities ( PASSMÚSICA | SPA | IGAC) the appropriate licenses for Public Performance.

It is also prohibited:
- Using the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks, to create any audio or video products.
- Using the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks, wholly or partially, as a source for samplers or sound modules, aimed at the production of any audio or video format, including Karaoke.
- Use Mp3 Backing Tracks or Video Karaoke for subsequent placement on the net, including youtube channels.
- Use the sound recording of the material to be used, in whole or in part, in any medium of visual presentation, including CDs, DVD's, BD's, TV programs, etc.
- Change or delete copyright within the Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks.

- It is expressly forbidden to share or make available on social networks (particularly in Facebook profiles and Groups) Video Karaoke, Mp3 Backing Tracks or any other product purchased in PortugalKaraoke.com and belongs to KARAOKEPT, musical editions inc.

Piracy: Due to increased piracy, all Video Karaoke and Mp3 Backing Tracks are embedded within the data of the person who acquired them, these data which can not be seen or removed without completely destroying the file. Any Video Karaoke or Backingtrack found on the net (social networks, sharing sites, etc.) easily lead the authorities to the original buyer.

The KARAOKEPT will make every effort so that those responsible are brought to justice and indemnify the company for the serious damage it has had with such criminal practicess.

6 - WARRANTY: KARAOKEPT ensures that Video Karaoke or Mp3 Backing Tracks are prepared for any device that plays .mp4 and .mp3 files.

If it is detected a download error while downloading an application, the KARAOKEPT will again send the customer a duplicate of it, you will be free of charge.

7 - NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: To the maximum extent permitted by law, the KARAOKEPT not be liable for any other damages arising from the use or inability to use this product. The responsibility of KARAOKEPT, within the parameters of this agreement is limited to the amount paid by you for the products.


Due to the digital nature of all products available on this website, the execution of the respective download will be considered a breach of inviolability, and it will not be possible, from that moment, to return it under the terms of paragraph l) of art. 17 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of 14 February.

1. The User may submit their complaints to Karaokept, musical editions, located at Avenida da escola nº 11 3510-602 Couto de Cima, or electronically through our contact form

2. You can also use the Electronic Complaints Book, which is a measure of the “SIMPLEX + 2016” program involving the Directorate-General for Consumers and regulators in the various sectors


If you want to use our Mp3 Backing Tracks for a professional recording work, that can be for sale or promotion, KARAOKEPT may grant an authorization particularly with minimum costs, which allows you to legally make a recording with professionals and with all copyrights paid. In this sense, and for more information, fill est and Form .